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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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not far from where michelle le disappeared. you can see here friends and family, the crowd is expected to grow. as the friends and family, they are calling for continued community commitment to find the 26-year-old nursing student. as we have been reporting, michelle le went missing from kaiser permanente hospital here back on may 27th. now as you mentioned, police say they have compelling evidence that led them to reclassify the case as a homicide. but family and friends are committed to finding her alive. and frank and julia, joining her now is michael, her brother. what do you hope to accomplish today? >> today we want to accomplish, we want to show the community, we haven't forgotten about michelle nor given up hope. whether it is two months or six months, if she is not home yet, we will try everything to bring
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her home. we love her so much and want her home. >> reporter: thank you michael, i know that you and other family members described the last two months as a nightmare, exhausting. that is why they're here to keep watch for michelle. as you can see there are signs, many of them wearing shirts with her picture on it. after the brief rally they plan the walk to the hospital close by. there will be a number of speakers, including those from the hayward police department. we'll have more on the latest on the 10:00 news. reporting live, i'm heather holmes. and alex trebeck, the host of jeopardy, fought off an intruder at his hotel room in san francisco. new, david stevenson is at the hotel. >> reporter: well frank, the incident happened in the upper floor of the hotel. it put the health of the well known game show host in
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jeopardy. he is known for giving the guests the answers before taking the question. and today, there were a flurry of questions regarding alex trebeck. gathered before the questioning, he said he tore his ankle, injuring his other leg, chasing a burglar out of the san francisco hotel about 2:30 tuesday morning. >> the victim woke up and noticed that there was somebody's somewhat oh shadow in the room. they did give chase, the suspect was caught by the security in the hotel. >> reporter: the suspect is identified as moyers of san francisco. police say it is not clear how she allegedly entered the room. most of the items taken were recovered near a hotel ice machine. >> purses, items, jewelry, those items were recovered. but i believe cash was not recovered. >> reporter: one spokesperson issued a statement this afternoon, we can confirm that
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a woman was apprehended and arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property at the hotel in the early hours of june 26th. due to privacy, we can't disclose the details. >> burglaries happen in san francisco, yes, but some, i don't know how they got in or what mechanism they used. >> reporter: and we got off the phone about 90 minutes ago with the san francisco district attorney's office. they tell us that moyers could have a hearing on to felony charges tomorrow afternoon. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu. an oakland father on life support trying to feed the homeless after an incident. it happened in east oakland. police say a good samaritan known as brother john was with his wife and two young daughters when they pulled over in their van to offer a homeless man some fish and chips. investigators say that is when a gunman pulled up alongside
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them, starting to shoot at the family. >> they were just trying to do a good deed, feeding people less fortunate than they were. >> he is a good guy, a church guy, bringing food around to people. and he and his wife, all night long took food to people. >> officials say the 29-year- old father suffered life- threatening injuries. his wife was hit by a bullet, his child struck in the arm. the wife and daughter are expected to recover. a seven-year-old girl in the van was not hurt. police tonight are trying to identify a suspect and motive for the shooting. the district attorney says he will not file charges against two men suspected in a san francisco shooting that injured an 11-year-old girl. police say 19-year-old thomas, and mitchell were part of a gun battle on laguna street last friday. a bullet went into the home, and struck the innocent girl in the chest. fortunately she is expected to recover although she is facing serious injuries. the district attorney's office
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says there is not sufficient evidence to charge the two men. and an update on the massive fire at a fairfield plastics plant that we first showed you live yesterday. the science center john fowler at the center where the flames are out. but the community still has health concerns tonight. john? >> reporter: well builts of melted plastic like this and melted fences, steel fences are about all that is left of the macro plastics storage yard after tons of plastic, pipe and plastic boxes burned in the fire yesterday. ktvu news chopper 2 first brought you these spectacular pictures. and learning this intense fire was burning plastic, people today worried about their health. >> it is a big concern for me, because i have children around here. but so far i didn't hear anything from the communities. >> i was sitting out here, got a little dizzy and my chest was kind of congested. >> reporter: she said she kept her children inside yesterday. but in this neighborhood, less than a mile from the plastics
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plants, cars, houses are still dusted with dark dots of burned residue. >> my concern is -- beside the fact -- my family. >> reporter: today, workers complaint through the charred remains of as many as 15,000 plastic crates. county health officials issued the shelter in place yesterday, although air tests are still pending they now believe the smoke was not especially toxic. >> you know carbon type compounds, carbon monoxide, those typically burn off in the fire, very similar to what you see in any sort of wildfire, or -- >> reporter: and experts say the reason the smoke and residue are not a big concern is because of the composition of the boxes. they say that the chemicals don't contain the type of chemicals found in some other plastics which make them so potentionally dangerous when they burn. reporting live in fairfield, health and science center, john
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foiler, ktvu. and the coverage continues on you will find a slide show of the incident, many sent to us. just click on the slide show tab. and newly unsealed court documents say two teens confessed to setting a fire that destroyed an elementary school in san jose. the documents obtained by the mercury news says that the two 16-year-old boys say they set fires on the opposite side of the elementary school. the fire just over a year ago cost more than six and a half million in damage. the teens will be tried as adults, facing 10 years to life in prison if convicted. and san francisco police made an unusual traffic stop today, discovering a bag full of new apple iphones. the cameras were there as they responded to a call about a man with a gun. police say they didn't find weapons but discovered 10 new iphones still in their boxes. police detained five men from southern california but later let them go. officers could not immediately
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prove the iphones were stolen, but say they are checking the serial numbers. and relatives of the three hikers swept over the yosemite water fall commissioned their own safety review of the site. a woman and two men from the central valley went into the water above the fall a week ago, slipping and then they fell more than 300 feet to their deaths. the families claim the guard rails and warning signs are not enough to keep people safe. the results will be released soon. the planning officials say they didn't plan changes at the water fall. and changing plans on the busy travel season. there were not enough pilots to fly the planes. more from the impact here in the bay area. >> reporter: well, frank, continental emphasized that only a very small number of flights were affected today. but if you were on one of those cancelled flights it was a big
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problem. a continental spokesperson told me that 24 of the airlines' 3000 daily flights were cancelled because "pilots called in sick" she would not break down the airports affected, saying only that most of the flights were out of the carrier's hub at new jersey's newark airport. but our flight check today showed three out going flights were cancelled, one to los angeles, two to chicago, as well as one flight arriving from chicago, another from newark. continental officials would not confirm the reason for those cancellations. and the san jose airport spokesperson said continental only operates two daily flights there. both to houston, and both were on time today. continental pulled out of oakland airport two years ago. united bought continental last year and has been trying to combine them into a single airline. but the process has been slowed
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by difficult labor negotiations. now what future passengers want to know is how long this event will last. the continental spokesperson told me today the airline cannot answer that question. but in the past airlines have gone to court to try to force pilots back to work. reporting live from the news room rita williams, ktvu. and plans for the high speed rail to be on track for the peninsula bay area, they are working together to develop a proposal to present to the state's high speed rail authority. the authority recently scaled back planning efforts because of a lawsuit and strong opposition from some of the residents. the council is calling for reducing the train speeds and scaling back construction plans. and a big name in san francisco politics pushing mayor lee to run for mayor of san francisco, even though he promised earlier he wouldn't
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run. earlier, diane feinstein encouraged him to run for the job he was appointed to last year. the leader of the run ed run campaign says that feinstein's endorsement is huge. >> he will bring together women to support him. it brings political factions to support him. and she brings together san francisco outside of the grass roots effort. >> lee is on vacation this week, and has until august 12th to file. they considered earlier to replace mayor newsom, who said he wouldn't run. and hundreds got a unique chance today to find work. ktvu's robert honda has more on the auto workers still struggling following last year's plant closure are getting special help. robert? >> reporter: well julia, this was set up to help the workers after the muni plant closed. so for them today it was a chance to see doors opened after the numi gates closed.
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about 3-400 of these workers came together to find a new job arrest career. the employment center set up by the uaw and federal funds looked at the job site fair, waiting a year for people to get restraining for other fields. one woman, a former frame work welder takes classes now but is open to anything. >> so i am learning new ways to do stuff. and it is just -- extremely frustrating, and -- very, very scary because something you have they have done before. >> reporter: christina agrees. >> there is -- it is nervous, hot out there. i am looking at different jobs. so i have different skills and i'm trying to use that to my advantage. >> reporter: organizers say it took weeks to set up the fair, but they found out the reputation helped. >> they have a great reputation, so they're reaching
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out to them to recruit the numi workers as suppliers. >> people here at numi do have a type of mechanical background. and so what we're doing today is talking to them, sending them over to do testing for us. >> reporter: elizabeth and others don't know what will happen next, but believed the job fair helped. >> it is good to come out and do it. and you're just ready to face the world again. >> reporter: the numi reemployment center says the job fair went so well today it plans three more events next month. live, robert hold, ktvu. and the final toyota corolla rolling off april first last year. the plant had been in operation for 25 years and employed nearly 5000 people when it shut down. gm pulled out of the joint venture with toyota in 2009. then toyota announced it would close the plant. and people out of work for a year or longer are the fastest growing segment of the unemployed in california.
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more than 700,000 people of california are considered long- term unemployed, about a third of the state's 2 million people who are jobless. the state says this is a trend it has not seen in previous recessions. officials also say more than 475,000 people in california have run out of all available jobless benefits. and researchers say a lot of people are using game consoles to watch movies. they say more than half of netflix connectors can use the wie players. they say netflix subscribers mostly watch movies, but many watch on their computers. and most of them are watching television programs. and a taiwan smart phone maker won a round in a patent fight with apple, a ruling by the trade commission released today regarding apple's situation, say it infringed on their patent. but they were cleared of
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violations. and today, a gray whale is now separated from its calf. ktvu's ken pritchett is there along the cla math river, with the tech tools they're trying to use to get the whale back to sea. ken? >> reporter: well, behind me that is highway 101. and the bridge right there crosses the river, and believe it or not the people out there are whale watching right now. it is a great place to whale watch because of the strand ed whale that you talked about. what they're looking at, is the whale swimming circles, we'll show you what they see right now. before the clark family from tennessee -- this is something they certainly did not expect to see. >> he was like swimming around, playing on the belly -- >> reporter: from one side of the bridge to the other, she swims back and forth, and the curious people high above watch with delight. >> it is a little bigger than i
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thought. but i didn't actually think i would see one in the lake. >> reporter: the 45-foot gray whale entered the river with her calf. the two swam together when the calf headed down river, a few miles back to sea. >> she will have feed and salt water again for her skin. they expect she will do quite well. >> reporter: one spokesperson with the tribe says the river runs through their land. scientists say the whale is healthy, for now, efforts to scare her away using noise and water boats failed. but the longer she stays, her health will decline. and she later could become trapped. >> there is a concern, of course we don't know. this is not an issue that we face very often. but yes, there is that concern. >> reporter: and scientists have observed the whale conducting feeding behaviors, like i said shes trying to eat in the river. they conducted the tests, no
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surprise. there is really nothing there for her to eat. the best guess or hope is that the whale will leave on her own when -- well who knows? ken pritchett ktvu. and $124,000 grant will pay for private security guards to return to downtown. they will patrol the plaza, two downtown parking garages and the theaters. the donation comes from a brendan man charitiable foundation. and organizing the safety standards at california's nuclear power plants. in sacramento, the state energy commission discussed lessons learned from japan's earthquake and tsunami. one scientist said that both nuclear plants should expand their safety zones. >> we only have a 10-mile emergency planning zone. within 50-miles of the area, there are like -- 7 million people. >> the u.s. gs raised questions about pg&e's plans to use sonar
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to discover a new fault. it says the study could be costly and not conclusive. and a study on panic attack sufferers found their bodies are sending clues that an attack is coming on. researchers at southern methodist university monitored the subjects for 24 hour periods. in the hour before the attacks they found slight but significant changes in the patient's heart beat and sweating. they say making parents more aware of the changes could help to stop attacks. and palo alto looking at plans to make the city one of the best in the nation for bike riders. they are planning for bike boulevards. the palo alto officials say they want to encourage people to get out of their cars for short trips and commute to work. you can find a complete draft of the plan on our website at and a nice day today, temperatures did warm up a few degrees. we have fog along the coast
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right now. take a look here, you can see the fog is basically going to hang coastside into the evening hours. so we look forward to seeing more fog as we go into the next couple of days here, and the fog and low clouds will be hanging around -- right along the coast. so here we go. we're going to load up an image here for you, and taking a look at the forecast as we go into tonight, we're looking for things to begin to cool off as the fog pushes informant in, these are the highs from today. definitely warmer today than it was yesterday. the forecast tonight, fog, low clouds pushing inland. just like last night. with slight changes tomorrow. and the slight changes, slightly warmer just like today. as we head into the weekend we may see actual heat in the inland bay valleys. might see some drizzle, and coastal fog is there now. there will be a strong inland push tonight. high pressure down to the desert southwest is building our way. you will see heat out there in the stockton area, sacramento,
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davis, we'll find heat in the bay valley area as well, as the high pressure gets stronger. and cloud cover from the desert southwest, monsoonal moisture is what this is. as it comes up on friday as it gets pulled around it could trigger and probably will trigger a few light showers and thundershowers along the lake tahoe area. here at mammoth lakes not, we'll watch that for you as well. so -- the fog forecast then tomorrow morning, late tonight, there it is. and then tomorrow morning allergy as you get going, there it is. looking like this morning. tomorrow is a lot like today, except it is slightly warmer, quicker on the burn off, and just a little bit warmer. forecasted highs today, 86 in napa, 93 in fairfield, it has not been a hot run at all. but temperatures coming up the last couple of days increasing into the bay area weekend. so we could see mid-to-upper 90s in some of the hot spots by late in the bay area weekend.
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forecasted highs along the coast in the low 60s, upper 50s, san francisco downtown 70, five-day forecast with increasing -- slowly increasing temperatures. also look for the fire danger to pop up. a week of slight changes, continuing tomorrow. tomorrow, frank, julia, another two degrees warmer, on friday and so it goes. >> all right, thank you bill. and a key trade for the giants. what is left terrible done to get their new big hitter on the field. and stocks taking a nose dive in view of the debt. and there are no new signs of compromise on capitol hill. dow falling 199, nasdaq drops 75 it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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. three recent graduates of the film student in berkeley are nominated for the video music awards, the rapper nominated for best artists, others for the video for the group, 30 seconds to mars. the awards are scheduled august 28th. >> good luck to them, and mark
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joins us now. all sorts of things happening, starting with the giants, with a big trade. they finally made it to bring a big-deal hitter to the san francisco bay on the side of the ballpark, where hitting counts. and is much needed. beltran, they're about 99% sure they will acquire him. he has to approve the deal, all the indications are they will, but they have to give up wheeler. beltran leading in doubles, hitting .289 with a punch, 15 homeruns, not a bad glove in the outfield. meanwhile, tim lincecum not completely recovered from the flu. so matt cain starting, pitching a good one. and rowand providing him with offensive help, shot into the
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left corner. and whiteside, in the corner, giants lead, 2-1, bottom of the 8th in that game. and we had a no-hitter this afternoon, in the majors, santana of the angels beats the indians, 3-1, an error cost him a shutout, but he walked one, they win. it is the first no-hitter since 1984 for the angel's organization. and as you would imagine, a whole lot of football news going on, starting with the niners, frank gore not going to report he says because he wants a contract extension. so the niners without a runningback, meanwhile, their starting center, dave boss going on to sign with new york. now this is the oakland raiders training facility in napa where robert gallery will not take place or take part as he has signed on with the seattle seahawks, joining tom cable there. you will hear from new head
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coach jackson tonight at 10:00. our joe posi talked with him. that is the sporting live. >> all right mark thank you. and coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> reporter: an inmate at san quentin in the hospital after an accident at a loading zone, the investigation coming up. the coverage continues on line, more about the giant's big trade and other developments on ktvu 78&>
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